Wednesday, October 17, 2007

random updates...

1. Samuel is 4 months old! He is doing so well...he's such a little chub now, weighing almost 12 pounds! He's still in the 3rd percentile for weight, but I figure with all that childhood obesity, it's okay to start out a little on the small side! He is tall though...24 inches long! He does have bad reflux, but if anyone knows how to deal with throw up...that would be me! We've have a few nights here and there where he sleeps from around 11 to, those are great and will be even greater when they become a normal thing! He's smiling all the time and finding his little voice and even throws a little giggle in sometimes! We absolutely adore him.

2. Jack is doing a great job as big brother...he helps me out alot and hasn't asked us to take him back to the hospital or anything! I figure he doesn't want anyone going to any hospital EVER again! He is also just cracking us all up constantly. The other night he looked at me and said, "Mommy what happened to your hair? It doesn't look right"...which is strange, since it was in the messy ponytail that is always in! Maybe that's the point?! He loves to sing and conduct, thanks Little Einsteins...and he will do it just about the top of his lungs...i LOVE it! He shares his mommy's love of Target, which is great and also bad because now I go there even MORE! He's just a little joy...I love watching him soak up the world around him and I also pray for the strength and guidance in the great responsibility that I have to capture every moment for Christ as I raise him to be a man that knows the LORD intimately.

3. Speaking of hospitals...I am still not feeling so hot. Good days and bad days. I have another procedure today. They do them in a series of three and this will one will be my second. We are praying that this will at least bring a little bit of relief. Of course, we are always still praying for total healing.

4. I have lately been puzzled by a phrase that I have heard and probably said millions of times...maybe it is because of the events of this past year. We often say that God is great, but life isn't. Maybe I am just quibbling at a technicality, but how can that really be true? Honestly, this last year has been horrible...our circumstances have been so challenging and at times very very frustrating. But one thing that I have to be so thankful LIFE. For every breath, for every sunrise that wakes me up, for every night rocking my babies to sleep...we don't deserve it, we take advantage of the thought that it will always be I would say, whatever our circumstance...LIFE is always good. And I am glad that God is great so we can wade through those yucky circumstances during the gift of each new day, as we long for our eternal home and new life free from any burden.

5. And speaking of longing for Heaven...I have had such a horrible ache in my heart lately, thinking about those close to us and those we don't even know who have lost their precious babies. I cannot imagine that ultimate tragedy, and the new reality that Heaven takes on for those who long to hold their sweet little ones again. I have watched this video so many times and just wept. We went to school with the mother's sister at ACU and I have been reading their blog for sometime. Their friend in Nashville wrote this song for the video when sweet Copeland went to be with Jesus. It makes me think of other dear friends and family who have gone through this unimaginable tragedy, and who truly do know the value of each breath. Our hearts are so heavy with grief, but thank the LORD that we do not grieve like those who have no hope.

6. And this has become our new favorite show, running a close race with Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Since we don't have cable, videos and PBS kids are the only choices. I like that I can somewhat limit how much TV that Jack watches better. "Super Why" has become a morning favorite for the Jack Man. And call me a dork, but I really love this program too! It really does teach some great fundamentals for reading which is something we are really starting to work on, so I love it. It comes on every morning and 10 and then the website has some really great games and activities, along with resources for both parents and teachers. It is funny because now Jack loves to run around the house calling himself Super Jack, with the power to help! Sometimes I even get to be "Super Mommy"! That is REALLY great, since I sure don't feel much like Supermom these days.

7. I have to sing "Praise you in this Storm" Saturday and Sunday at church...I hope I make it through it without crying. The song really illustrates alot of the feelings that I have and still am going through. It has definitely been raining...I sure hope that I have have brought HIM glory through it all.

8. I absolutely love Autumn...and I hate it that we get cheated of's the time of year when I really wish we lived in Nashville; or somewhere where it gets cool...the leaves can smell the fireplaces burning or bundle up under a blanket at a football game. I have a mini pumpkin patch on my front porch. We haven't made it out to the Flower Mound pumpkin patch yet, but Jack is dying to go, so Mimi and I took him to the fruit stand the other day. He jumped in the bounce house, and I picked out pumpkins...I LOVE them! I love going to the fruit stand...we also got some amazing apples. I also got a really great deal on all the pumpkins...there is no way I would been able to get that many at the Pumpkin patch. I really love my pumpkins, and I still think I want to get some more. I am really just thankful that they haven't been smashed or stolen yet!

9. I LOVE our house. Matt did such a a good job picking it out for us, and all the work he did to make it just like I wanted is so amazing. I am trying really hard to get everything settled's so hard to not have the energy to get the things done that I want to do. I'm still just trying to go one box at a time and not get too overwhelmed. It really is a great house though. We are talking about what we need to do to get the yard ready for Spring. It has some amazing landscaping potential, so here goes nothing with me trying out my green thumb! Grandma-I NEED YOU!

10. And now...what you really!

Samuel and his monkey at almost 1 month.

3 months...mommy forgot 2 months!

4 months...look at him cheering for his chubbiness!

Look at that boy sitting up! His neck is so strong! He looks a little depressed though! Maybe because he has two chins!

And remember the bottle...

Now he can eat almost half of that big ol thing!

My sweet boys...

Silly's funny how those baby toys all of a sudden get interesting again when mommy mentions that they now belong to a certain baby brother!

Headed to Young Children's World with the backpack as big as he is!

I just love this pic of Jack and his Cousin Riley...I love the way she is looking at him and how he has a little Zoolander face on...these two are such good buddies and are going to cause lots of trouble with all the other cousins in Smithville!

And my punkin patch...isn't it pretty? :)