Wednesday, September 28, 2011

so we linger in your light

please continue to pray for the family, and for all of us who love my dear friend sunday. though he was declared legally and medically brain dead on sunday evening, the family has had to make the extremely difficult decision to take him off of life support tomorrow morning.

we are aching at the loss of such a bright light, but we are absolutely certain of the glory that sunday is now beholding.

i love this video (link below) of sunday dancing to the glory of the God he loves so much. he was an

Monday, September 26, 2011

thank the Lord for Sunday

thanks for your prayers...Sunday is with Jesus now.
oh sun, how you will be missed...such a bright, shining light...such a precious friend...such a beautiful life. 
he was that kind of person that made everyone feel like they were his best friend...he knew how to make you feel loved, beautiful and special; even famous. he lived life to the fullest and was a life-giving kind of friend. and yes, he left the greatest voicemails ever...i have one from just last monday that is treasured even more now. it's hard to imagine a world without him in it because, once he entered your world, it was forever changed...our brown one, our sunday best...oh, how we love you kid.

ever since getting the news, i've had the words of this song on my heart and lips:
you dance over me while i am not awake.
you sing all around, but i never hear a sound. Lord, i'm amazed by you. Lord, i'm amazed by you. Lord, i'm amazed by you.
how you love (me) SUNDAY.
how wide the measure of the love that you have shown to me.
how deep, how fathomless the blessings you have given me.
how great is your love for (me) SUNDAY.

i have no doubt that Sunday is with Jesus...singing his heart out, dancing with joy...and telling everyone how fabulous they look.
i just keep thinking about what Sunday means for those whose hope is in the


please join me in praying for my dear friend sunday ibok...he is in the icu in dallas after experiencing a brain aneurism in the early hours this morning. scans are showing lots of bleeding and no brain activity...but we are still clinging to THE ONE WHO CAME TO BRING LIFE. sunday is one of those people whose light shines so brightly...all day i've been listening to a voicemail from him from just a week ago...come on, friend...we love you

Sunday Ibok Caring Bridge