Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Waiting Room

Emily here again, AKA Tine's personal blogger...well, i know we all have spent some time in a waiting room before. Some of us waiting on the news of a loved one's surgery, some of us waiting to hear if its a boy or a girl, and some of us just waiting on the nurse to finally call us back for our appointment. I know I have waited in a line at six flags for the giant or the flashback for well over an hour. I know I have waited in line at target for as long as it took to get the items on my grocery list plus the shirt I just thought I had to have. I have waited in lines at toys r us at the crack of dawn the day after thanksgiving with my sis or aunt to make sure their kiddos got just what they wanted for Christmas. I have waited for pay day to come, I have waited for the weekend, I have waited for a husband, and I have waited for the clock to strike 5 so I can head home from work. I am sure you have waited for these things plus more. You have probably waited on your first roast to be all the way cooked. You have waited on your husband to get home from a business trip. You have waited for the timer to go off to go and check the 3rd pregnancy test you bought. You have waited for the mailman to bring that package from banana republic for that dress you ordered online last week. You have waited for summer, for the loan to be approved on your dream home, and for him to propose.

Christine has waited for all of these things-but she has waited for answers. She has waited for peace. She has waited for relief. She has waited for a chance at normalcy. She has waited for a miracle. She has waited upon the Lord. She has waited for ten years. Today I was visiting Christine when she was told to wait some more. They may be sending her home from inpatient care soon, and proceed with several specialists in outpatient appointments. They have some ideas as to what is going on, but no solid answers. They want a team to come together to treat her case. Well, this was hard for us all to hear, but especially the one that has been waiting longer and harder than any of us. But, there is encouragement to be found that although the road may be long-it is a start. I told Tine today that most people after waiting ten years may have just given up, but not my sis. She wants answers and she will wait as long as it takes and with as much strength as it takes because of those two boys that call her mommy, a husband that will wait with her and hold her when the waiting gets long, and a God of miracles that she serves with faith.

So maybe next time you are waiting in line at the gas station to make that dreaded purchase of necessity, and the next time you are waiting for the school year to end, or the next time you find yourself waiting in line in a drive-thru huffing that fast food is never fast enough, or when you wait on your three-year-old to get over her tantrum, or even when you wait at the gym for the treadmill that is being hogged by the skinny lady that really doesn't look like she needs to run any longer-say a little prayer for my sister and for her wait. We all know she will eventually have to wait no more, but while she does-pray.

I'll let you know more as we do.




L.Y.L.A.S ~your personal blogger

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tine's Personal Blogger/ HAPPY BDAY SAM!

I am taking it upon myself (Emily, Christine's younger sis) to update her beloved blog as a way to continually update all of y'all on her condition. For those of you that don't know already, Christine was placed in the hospital this morning severely dehydrated and in extreme pain. This time they went to UT Southwestern Medical in Dallas. This renowned teaching and research hospital is where Tine's doctors have been trying to get her a referral to for sometime. At this teaching hospital, they will constantly be testing her chronic pain and illness to actively try and find a solution to this ongoing problem. She told me it is just like grey's anatomy-for all of you fans out there...she said one doctor comes in followed eagerly by Izzy and Georges...anyways, I want you all to be able to seek the updates you want here on her blog so you can know just what is going on and what to pray for! We all know Matt, Christine, Jack, and Sam have had a long road already, along with our families. I was thinking today, that it was almost 10 years ago that her illnesses began! God has been faithful in blessing her with an amazing husband and two of the most precious kiddos in those ten years-so we know without a doubt He is faithful! I will update you as often as I can. Thank you all for the ways you pray for this family, and find all the ways to help out and encourage us all as we face this. Your love has not gone unnoticed.

In other Pinson news, Christine would not be pleased if I did not include a picture montage of her ONE YEAR OLD BABY BOY, SAM! Happy 1st Birthday, Sam! You are a gift! We love our Sammy!