Thursday, September 14, 2006

pray for jack's pappy

Please say a prayer for my dad at 11:30 this morning. He is going in for a heart cathterization. You can read more of the details on mom's blog .

I can remember each one of my dad's three heart attacks like they were yesterday, and I am just so thankful that the doctor is working to prevent another one. As with any procedure there is some anxiety. We are not afraid, because we know that the victory is already the Lord's. My dad is one of the most unselfish, loving, convicted, funny, and tender-hearted people that I know. My sweet son shares his middle name. He even knows that, he calls himself Jack "Shwanklin" (Franklin), named after Pappy "Shwanklin"...we are grateful for the prayers we have been covered with already and I just ask that if you have a moment at 11:30 to stop and pray that the Lord has his hand on my dad during this procedure.

On another note...that means I need to go make sure that I am prepared for my sub this afternoon...Yikes!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jehovah Shammah...God is with Us

Well it's been a long time since I last posted. Things have been pretty crazy around here. We have been so blessed with a smooth time of transition with me going to work. It has been hard; hardest on me I think. But I am so thankful to have a wonderful supportive husband who walks alongside me, and even more thankful to have a Father in Heaven who has literally been holding me in the palm of His hand these last few weeks. I will continue to rely on his strength, because he is the only source of any strength that I have. I appreciate all the prayers that have gone up on behalf of our family and ask that you continue to pray. The Lord always provides for us, even though that provision doesn't always look the way we might have imagined it. Matt and I have learned that lesson several times and are certainly in the midst of learning it right now. Those of you who have witnessed me bursting into tears at the drop of a hat, thank you for your understanding! I am blessed with so much encouragement, love and support.

On another note, Derek Webb, formerly of Caedmon's Call has a new album out that deals with some important and sensitive themes including social justice, poverty, and politics. These are hard topics, but certainly ones that need to be talked about within our communities of faith. I am thankful for talented musicians who are not simply using their voice to manipulate, but rather seek to open up discussion about the things that should concern the people of God most...his children. Rather than seeking to identify with a political party, maybe we should remember where our true identity lies and who our allegiance is to. You can actually download the entire album for free (with the artist's blessing) at this site , and you can read more about why he is offering it for free here. The older I get, the more I realize that being a child of God is about loving your brothers and sisters...all of them. I am so thankful for the many voices that I hear speaking out for a return to the greatest

***COMING SOON...Pictures of Jack's First Hair Cut!!! (Yes, we actually did it...but don't worry...I couldn't let all the curls go!)