Monday, November 01, 2010

for matt

"So Jacob worked for seven years to acquire Rachel. But they seemed like only a few days to him because his love for her was so great." ~Genesis 29:20

after seven years of marriage to an amazing man, this verse about sums it up...this verse describes the kind of love that every girl prays for, and i am blessed because i know that kind of love...the Lord knew exactly what i needed in a partner, and gave me more than i could have even known to ask husband works so hard to keep our little family strong...he is strong and he is gentle...he is faithful and he is kind...he asks for guidance and peace from our Heavenly Father and he stands as a shield in front of us against the attacks and lies of satan...he stays exhausted and he works tirelessly to support us...he is an incredible father and sometimes he has to also be mother...he keeps life going on when I am not there and he makes sure that we have time together each day, no matter how far away i may be...he leads our family towards the God that he lives his life to follow...and while I doubt it only feels like days to him, he never complains, and he loves me the way that he promised to love me 7 years ago: as Christ loves His church, willing to lay down his own life...he continues all of this, long after "acquiring" me...i am definitely his; not going anywhere...and i am so thankful for the promise of knowing he isn't going anywhere either, no matter what we may doubt that our boys will grow up knowing what love really looks like... i just pray that God can restore my health, along with my ability to be the godly wife that God calls me to be, that I want to be, and that my sweet husband deserves. I am truly blessed with such a sacred love.