Tuesday, August 19, 2014

mamas on each side of the barricade

all over the world tonight...mamas' hearts are breaking

mamas who can't feed their babies
mamas who miss their babies
mamas who have hurt their babies
mamas who couldn't keep their babies safe
mamas who must hide their babies
mamas who don't know where their babies are
mamas who couldn't raise their babies
mamas who had their babies snatched from their arms
mamas who are desperate for a cure
mamas whose babies couldn't live with the pain for one more day
mamas who can't do it on their own
mamas who have no choice but to do it on their own
mamas who can't understand where the hate comes from
mamas who see it every day right outside their front door
mamas who fight for their babies' education
mamas who wish their babies didn't know so much
mamas who are trying to keep up
mamas who feel they can't measure up
mamas who are holding their babies for the first time
mamas who are holding their babies for the last time
mamas who want to raise their babies to be independent
mamas who don't want to let go
mamas whose babies had to grow up too fast
mamas whose babies might not see tomorrow
mamas on "our side"
mamas on "their side"
mamas who see their babies abusing power
mamas whose babies are powerless
mamas whose babies have gone to war
mamas whose babies can't find peace
mamas who mourn for all that has been lost
mamas who have lost hope for all they thought could be
mamas trying to teach their babies to love
mamas who fear it was they who taught their babies to hate
mamas of those who are called to serve and protect
mamas whose babies no one can seem to protect
mamas with babies who are dead
mamas with babies who have killed
mamas on each side of the barricade

afghanistan, palestine, israel, arizona, pakistan, oakland, texas, newtown, iraq, philadelphia, liberia, florida, boston, chicago, aurora, syria, ferguson...and on and on and on

a mother's broken heart is a universal language

to be a mama is to know heartbreak...because a mama can never forget...hers is an ache so deep that only the love of God could be deeper...how long, O Lord, must this broken world keep breaking mama hearts?

how do we forget so quickly that we belong to each other, and that we all belong to Him? when did we decide that one life means more than another? how do we keep finding new ways to destroy our brothers and break mother's hearts? 
we are not forgotten...not alone...fully known...fully loved...each bearing the image of our maker...each life mattering

united in holiness...united in heartbreak

i see you mama...you won't forget

He sees you daughter...He won't forget

Can a woman forget her baby at her breast? Even if mothers were to forget, I could never forget you!
~Isaiah 49:15


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