Tuesday, August 19, 2014

they just want you

i have been a long-time reader of Glennon Melton over at Momastery...i so appreciate her voice, transparency and general keepin it real-ness...this precious story she shared touched my heart...and then it did so much more...

What every child wants to know is, “do your eyes light up when I walk in the room?”
– Toni Morrison

Today is Amma’s first day of first grade. When she finished getting dressed this morning, I brought her over to the mirror and stood behind her while she took in her first grade self. She kept her eyes fixed on the mirror and said: “Mama, when Dada sees me - his hawt is going to explode.”

Well then, I thought. I married well.

Moms and Dads- I don’t think it matters whether you are rich or poor or healthy or struggling or divorced or nuclear or gay or straight or lost or found or working or home. I think all that matters is that when your kid sees herself through your eyes- she feels worthy of a heart explosion.

Your child doesn’t need you to be “better.” She doesn't need things to be easier or shinier. Doesn’t matter if yesterday was a bad one at home. Doesn’t matter if money’s tight or if stress is high or if the whole damn world is falling apart.

All that matters is: Do your eyes light up when you see your baby? She just needs to know that you are DELIGHTED by her. That’s it. That’s the whole she-bang.

Light ‘em up, today.

Love, G

OH how i love hearing the voices of daughters who are confident of their worth

i have now spent all but about 3 months of the last 14 months at home...the rest have been spent here in the hospital...i too married well...i don't know how he does it all...i have an incredible partner who somehow manages to keep the world turning outside of these walls and still brings my babies to see me every day...my boys have spent far too much time in hospitals...we have spent every holiday, too many birthdays, anniversaries, first days of school in here, and have somehow managed to make our own little piece of "normal" and not completely implode as a family...no matter how short and chaotic, we know that this time is absolutely sacred and necessary, and satan isn't getting one grubby little finger on any of it

as much guilt and shame as i would LOVE to heap upon myself for all i am not able to do...and, believe me, i do...when i hear those feet running down the hall the same time each day...when i see those beautiful mop-headed boys burst in the door with huge smiles on their faces, pulling off their shoes as fast as they can to jump into this tiny, uncomfortable bed that was not made for 1 person to sit comfortably upon, much less 4...my mother heart is reminded...

all they want is you mama...all they want is YOU...and oh they have me...i guess this daughter needed to be reminded of her worth today too

thank you amma

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